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Getting Started

WGJ is now taking place exclusively on itch.
Joining WGJ is easy!
Let's get started.

power on

Step 1

Join a jam : Jams
A new jam starts every week
( Friday )

bulding bricks

Step 2

Get the theme and...
Make a game with anything.
We advise making your game playable in browser.

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Step 3

Interact with the Community :
Talk about the theme in the Theme Discussion topic
Introduce yourself in the Introductions topic
Request feedback, share your progress, meet devs & more!


Step 4

Submit your game.
Use the Submit Your Project button on the jam you joined.
Make sure that your game's visibility is set to "Public".

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Step 5

Play and rate game submissions.


Top rated games are now featured!
Your game may appear on the WGJ game page.
Have fun and welcome to the community.

Use #WeeklyGameJam to share on Twitter!





What Tools can I use?


Make a card game, a computer game, anything playable.
Here are some cool game-making tools:

General Game Engines
Godot | Unity | Unreal Engine | GameMaker | Construct2 | Defold
Text Adventure
Twine | Quest
Pixel Art
Picocad | GraphicsGale
Card Game
Dulst | BoardGameGeek.com






Can I update my game after the deadline? 

Yes, it's perfectly fine to keep uploading updates to your game. 

Can I use pre-made or external assets for my game? 

Yes, you can use any pre-made asset or code for your game, as long as you credit the author properly if it was made by someone else. 

Can I use any engine/platform/framework to make my game? 

Yes, everything is allowed. You just need to make a game you can share with others via link or download. 

How can I contact Weekly Game Jam admin? 

You can contact us via Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeeklyGameJam 
Or in the Community help topic.




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